during my pregnancy I read read and read. But nothing I read could ever prepare me for what I was about to endure while in labor.

38 weeks , I woke up to my water breaking . I wasn’t ready yet to give birth. I thought was haha I wasn’t ! 

My whole pregnancy I constantly walked and stayed as active as possible. I drank SO MUCH WATER. I didn’t take any medicine during my pregnancy, just my vitamins. By 37 weeks I was dilated to a 3 ! For my first baby! I truly believe this is how I had a great birth. 

  1. Evening Primrose Oil Vitamins I started to take around 36 weeks after reading many blogs about the softening of the cervix. I was all on board with this all natural vitamin to help my birth. 
  2. Water ! I drank so much water it was ridiculous! 
  3. Yoga ball- bounced on this thing for around 10 minutes daily at 36 weeks. 
  4. Mental – child birth is a natural thing our bodies were made to do, I know in some cases we aren’t able to have birth naturally , however even if you have a c section YOU ARE AMAZING. Giving birth is insane all in itself. I truly believe my nurse had a lot to do with my have to mentally tell yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS. Think of you ! Think of how far you have come , you can over come the pain of childbirth! You will get the natural hormone that releases when your baby is born. Medicine removes your bodies natural release of this. 

When I arrived to the hospital I was at a 3. Got in my hospital room around 11:30 am I labored on my own til around 3pm and they had to start inducing me. Gosh does that not feel good! Once they started inducing me I couldn’t walk around the room any more. So I’m in bed just waiting and waiting. Hours start going by and everything is getting Sooo intense ! The contractions felt like they were shoving my ass all the way down to the depths of hell with my chubby self. Omg I thought I was going to die ! Haha but don’t be frightened , that when it was time !! The nurse came in and said I was at a 9 and ran to get my AMAZING doctor. The pushing sucked ! I hated every part of it. It was 12:50 am when my baby was born. A long labor and exhausting ! However when she started to come out , adrenaline came over me like a wave and there was no more pain! I’m so thankful the hard work throughout pregnancy paid off. WATER WATER WATER & WALKING ! Stay busy! Stay mobile !


But let me tell you this , ain’t no way in hell was I ready for the postpartum care. Haha oh Lord why must we pee after giving birth lmao I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I’m so thankful to experience motherhood. And although enduring the pain I would do it over again & again!


Thank you for reading <3

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