Pregnancy is way different the second time around, you aren’t experiencing this for the first time anymore however this second pregnancy feels like I’ve never been pregnant before ! 

My husband and I are blessed to be welcoming another little person into the world and here’s how I’m surviving the chaos of my 15 month old and being 11 weeks pregnant. 2 under 2 club!! 


Oh lady I know , this is hard to do, the house is a mess and laundry is forming a neighborhood however , in weeks 6-10 I napped just about every nap my toddler took during the day. Which is 2. There were some days I literally didn’t want to get out of bed! Don’t feel bad if you feel like your under a rock I hear you big time and I can say at 11 weeks now , I’m starting to slowly get more energy back. 


No not literally unless that’s your thing, I mean run after your toddler because mine just began walking and she went from walking to sprinting. Let’s just say I can no longer keep my eyes on the front of my head because before I know it, she will be running into stuff she isn’t supposed to be playing in. ( for example : folded laundry in the hamper ) haha 

I feel running after her even when she was crawling was so exhausting.i don’t remember being THIS tired with my first. 


Have you heard of “ Young Living- Essential Oils” ? 

Oh mama bears you guys gotta hop on this. In my first pregnancy this was a go to for stress , relaxation , over all wellness. I diffuse : Stress Away , Lavender  daily. I love natural remedies and these truly work. They just came out with a gentle baby oil that I can’t wait to try! 


I realized at the doctors today that I was enjoying the food way too much this first trimester. I figured since I was under my pre’pregnancy weight I wouldn’t gain fast. YEAH NOPE. The scale was there to say. “ hey girl , have a seat and eat some cucumbers instead of potatoes “ haha but it was a great way to motivate myself to make healthier choices ! I know the food will make my sleepy ness subside and will give me more energy and nutrients for my growing little bean. 

COMFY PANTS. No explanation needed , just put them on and you’ll love yourself later. 

For the most part , I’m so excited for the next chapter in motherhood, know mamas that you can do this ! Don’t let anyone shame you into thinking it was too soon to have another baby. Babies are blessings and God blessed you! 

Thank you for reading ! Happy Pregnancies Beautiful Mamas 

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