I could’ve swore I was imagining the positive line on the test that morning. I couldn’t believe it actually happened. We were finally pregnant.

Here are the first things I did when I found out.

1. Told my husband. – we were both overjoyed and excited
2. Made my first initial doctors appointment. This normally happens around 4-6 week. I had mine at 6 weeks.
3. Began taking prenatal vitamins , I found this helped me most taking them at night due to my insane morning sickness
4. Cut out energy drinks / any bad dietary stuff. I made a change in my eating habits. I wanted the best for my baby.
5. Drank more water – I began to drink almost triple what I normally would drink. I was so persistent on my baby staying hydrated. Lol I was so weird.
6. As soon as your ready – TELL YOUR FAMILY! I was so happy to tell my family the news. But I waited til I was far enough along before revealing it.
7. Start a Baby Registry! I didn’t know what I was going to need at first, Pinterest checklists and different guides helped me.
8. Get a WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOUR EXPECTING BOOK! I loved this as well as the APP for my phone.
9. Download the pregnancy apps! These are so fun when you are a first time mom and learning about your babies growth and development.
10. Last but not least I took it easy til my second trimester. You will need the rest , you are growing a beautiful little person.
I hope these tips help you when you find out ! If you are TTC I hope this is your month!! Baby dust to you Mamas!

Thank you for reading !



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