Surviving the first month!.

When you walk into your home with your first baby , it can be overwhelming ! Boobs hurt , the goods downstairs don’t feel good from pushing out your newborn or you can’t even lift your baby due to your c-section.
These are some essentials that helped me survive my first month with my dear daughter.
1. Tucks pads– do not forget these ! The hospital will supply some as well and it’s just so soothing after your sweet little baby arrives. Cause let’s be real , your lady parts do not feel good LOL
2. Derma blast – I didn’t know about this product until I had my baby and the nurses supplied this for me. It was so nice to have I wish I would’ve put this in my hospital bag to use right away.
3. Nursing Pads always good to have that extra support , it sometimes take women acouple days to get their milk in however you will be leaking colostrum in the beginning and it will LITERALLY run down your shirt lol so embarrassing ! This also includes NIPPLE CREAM , a royal gift from GOD , your nips WILL thank you , i was so relieved i brought this with me to the hospital.LIFE SAVOR !

4. Nursing bra– I LOVED this because it’s so easy and a lot more comfortable when you need to nurse your baby.
5. Swaddle Blankets – these really help your baby feel so secure and a remembrance of your womb.
6. Water wipes– these are so gentle on your baby, no added chemicals or fragrances
7. Nursing tops– I can’t say enough how much it was worth getting these. They make life soooo much easier !
8. Medela nursing breast pump. This machine was truly amazing , it really helped me and was so efficient.
9. 4Moms Mamaroo or a Baby Swing– this is seriously a life savor. Our baby truly loved this and it really helped us catch a tiny break.

10. COFFEE – I never really loved coffee til I had my dear daughter last year and now it’s seriously a MUST. I promise you’ll find what you like best and it really helps!
I hope you mommies have the best postpartum ever. I know it’s hard but it will get easier I promise.



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