10 items I should’ve put on my Baby Registry !

For the first time being pregnant I thought I needed things that I look back on now and think… “WHAT WAS I THINKING LOL “
essentials. More essentials.

1. Dr browns bottles – I thought my baby would just breast feed perfectly and when things didn’t go the way I hoped I was at square 1 trying to find the perfect bottle for my little one. I literally have just about every bottle brand in our cabinet and the dr Browns won the race ! They have a non air proof piece that goes down the center of the bottle and acouple other essential part to help your baby have the best drinking experience without cause air into the tummy , which is truly amazing. Yes you are required to clean more parts however , it’s totally worth it ! You will see a difference !
2. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water , I really didn’t know what this was until a dear friend referred this to me when my baby was having a constipation fussy period. It WORKS LADIES AND DADS. It’s an ALL NATURAL product and it truly helped relieve my babies tummy , hiccups , and fussiness !
3. Baby cover for car seat – it totally flew over my head and I completely forgot to even add this ! This was seriously something that was a must ! Going into restaurants or the market it’s just so nice to have the cover for car seat. Thank goodness Little Artsies Nina & Nino gifted her one.
4. Swaddle blankets – I honestly wish I had this on my registry! They are so perfect for your little one. They love the burrito feeling.
5. Grocery cart cover – this is a life savor at any market and any outing with a public high chair. It truly makes things so much easier and the majority of them come with hooks to hang toys.
6. Sound Machine – I didn’t even think these things stood purpose til Little Artsies Nina soothed her with the pink noise. I was in Aww and had to get this playing for her. I use an app called white noise however the pink noise is what she sleeps too.
7. Diaper Caddy- I made this after I had our baby but it’s seriously the most amazing little bin to take anywhere in the house when the baby needs a diaper change. So organized and easy to access at all times.
8. Baby Carrier- I never really got into carrying babies, until my dear friend showed me how awesome and essential it is to carry your baby and to wrap them on you. Especially when they are so little it’s so soothing to have them on you. When we traveling this especially helped, BIG TIME!
9. Jumper – my baby loves her jumper. It’s seriously such an amazing play activity for her! Definitely something your baby will enjoy as they grow !
10. Items after the baby is an infant , I should’ve put items The baby would grow into like play areas / play chairs/ teething toys, (safety Buckles , bath toys) and remedies, I could’ve put more small random things that Didnt cross my mind but now as I’m growing into motherhood, I’m getting this down !
However at the end of the day your baby will love a big box more then any toy , and will be happy with a full tummy , and clean chonies ! You don’t really need much just a lot of the basics ! Diapers , wipes , onesies !
However don’t splurge on diaper stock because if your baby is allergic , that will be a lot of exchanging to do! I know this big time. Same with the wipes !

Thank you for reading <3

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