Tips to help your baby sleep through the night

When you become a mom it takes time to get in the rhythm of getting your newborn on a sleep schedule. Heck it took me about 2 months ( after she was around 3.5 months ) to really get it down and something that works !
(Please remember this is for babies 4months+ )

Here are some tips that really help my baby and are SUCCESSFUL!

1. CONSISTENCY – not everyone works a 9-5 and sometimes our lives get crazy and it’s hard to get baby on a same day schedule , however I can’t stress enough HOW MUCH this truly makes a difference. Babies like schedules & routines. This is so good for them. Happy Baby means Happy Mommy means Happy Wife = Happy Life LOL make a schedule that WORKS for YOUR FAMILY. You do not need to be like Cindywho Ville and put your child to bed at 6pm. You need to do what works for YOU AND YOUR BABY. Our little one goes to sleep around 9pm. This is what’s best for our work schedule and our routine. And it’s been perfect for us !
2. SOOTHE IT DOWN. Right after dinner little Artsie will play til around 8ish (on a day off) and then as soon as 8:25 hits we begin a nice warm bath. This overall calms my baby she gets even more sleepy and wants to go to sleep after
3. FULL TUMMY – a nice bottle before bed always helps my baby sleep through the night however sometimes she gets so sleepy after her bath that she doesn’t even need it!
4. PINK NOISE – she has had this ever since 3.5 months. This has always calmed , soothed , and kept any outer noises away from my babies rest.
5. Warmth – if your baby is cold , she isn’t going to sleep, and that means you won’t either. I always do the nose test (just gently place top of your hand on her nose ) keep her warm !
6. Diapers- my baby will always fight sleep one of two reasons – dirty diaper or missing the window. And by that I mean being so off schedule because we are human and It happens and it’s okay ! Just follow the routine the following day. SO NORMAL to not have perfect days. Clean chonies is always best to help baby go to sleep!
7. SWADDLE- if your baby isn’t rolling into their tummy , swaddling really helps.

These are few small tips that help us with our little one but always remember the smallest things can go such a long way. Hang in there and always remember your baby will catch on and it will happen I promise. Heck the first night my baby slept through the night I still woke up every 2 hours to make sure she was all gravy lol you’ll get there mamas , stay positive 🙂

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