Teething essentials

Teething is sinking in and It’s getting crazier everyday , with the chaos these essential items have been keeping our little one at ease ! 12 months and breaking her first tooth! 

TEETHING nuby ring – this is around 4 bucks at Walmart she LOVES this things so much it is a really great teething

Amber Teething Necklace- the warmth of your babies body will release acid found in the Baltic amber which is a natural teething remedy to help pain in the body 

Orajel – we use this in moderation however it helps tremendously Freezing popsicle sticks. I got this popsicle tray and filled it with unsweetened apple juice and my baby LOVES this on her gums.

Advised from a dear friend to wet a cloth and apply pressure to help relieve pain as well for baby 

I hope these teething essentials help you mamas out! 






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