Surviving the First Trimester

When you find out you’re pregnant it’s the most exciting feeling ever, you are overwhelmed with joy, however once you start to feeling the symptoms… it can sometimes seem  never ending! Here’s how I SURVIVED my first trimester. 

  1. Taking my prenatal vitamin at night. During the day it would make me so so sick if I took it before I ate any food. 
  2. Munch on Crackers. This is cliche but truly helpful. In the mornings I would be SOOO NAUSEOUS. As well as the after noon! When you are pregnant you will get the “morning sickness” at any time of the day.  
  3. Rest. You need it. You feel like you are HUNGOVER. And it doesn’t change , you are exhausted and not yourself. Rest when you can. I promise the second trimester gets better. 
  4. Hydro Flask. All I wanted was ice cold water during my first trimester. It’s so good to stay hydrated. 
  5. Staying as positive as possible, my morning sickness was so bad that I was so eager to enter the second trimester, It gets easier and you are able to feel energized again! 

I hope these small tips help you First Trimester Mamas out 

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