30 baby girl names

When i was pregnant we were over joyed with our new little one however we could not figure out what to name her ! we went back and forth with names to choose.  Below i have 30 names that are so beautiful i hope you enjoy them ! and for the New Dads to be out there , check out this amazing hilarious best seller book :

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  1. Honor
  2. Ophelia Gray 
  3. Aria
  4. Ella May
  5. Aubrie Lynn 
  6. Rosella
  7. Kennedy 
  8. Daisy 
  9. Cleo ( we chose this name 🙂 she is now 9 months old) 
  10. Luna 
  11. Elena 
  12. Amora 
  13. Addy
  14. Danny Rae
  15. Marylyn 
  16. Abella 
  17. Andy 
  18. Oaklynn
  19. Monroe 
  20. Nova 
  21. Java 
  22. Ariella
  23. Carmella 
  24. Sadielynn 
  25. Ava 
  26. Mia Rae 

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