Top 20 car snacks for baby

We all have to travel , and knowing these 20 quick snacks for your adventure with your little one will make things so much quicker. My daughter just turned 1 and doesn’t have a more then a tooth! (Even though I feel one coming in ) #happydance here’s some snacks we will take along with us for our day. 

  1. Strawberries (baggie these – prepare day before ) (cut in small pieces ) 
  2. Peaches (baggie these – prepare day before ) (cut in small pieces ) 
  3. Bananas 
  4. Watermelon 
  5. Any leftovers we cooked from day before 
  6. Food pouches ( I always keep these in the house if we are on the go ) 
  7. Puffs 
  8. Baby’s first cookie 
  9. Avocados (cut up with lime juice ) 
  10. Rice 
  11. Go-gurts 
  12. Frozen fruit 
  13. Tortillas 
  14. Pickles
  15. Steamed carrots 
  16. Broccoli steamed 
  17. Mum mum teether chews 
  18. Kiwi (cut up ) 
  19. Cheese 
  20. Apple sauce 

I hope these quick 20 snacks help you on the go mamas ! 

thank you for reading 

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