The BEST pregnancy apps!

These apps are the bomb dot com during pregnancy 

  1. SPROUT PREGNANCY – I loved this app because each week you watch your baby grow as well as learn cool new things about your growing seed.
  2. THE BUMP – this app is great when you’re a first time mom, you learn a lot of information about pregnancy.
  3. WHAT TO EXPECT – love love love this one. It groups everything in one and gives newly updates as you progress in your pregnancy. You watch videos and learn recipes that help cravings etc
  4. Glow Nurture – by far my most favorite app to use before , during , and after pregnancy. I’m able to conversation with other moms and watch my little baby turn colors as I progress , I love being grouped with other moms that have the same due date as well. So rad ! Felt like you had buddies to be pregnant with. 
  5. Pregnancy +  this app is amazing for week to week updates on your growing baby. 

I downloaded these apps on my apple iPhone I’m not sure if they are available for Android. 

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