Items that helped during Pregnancy

I honestly had no idea how much the littlest things went so far in comfort and relaxation when it came to carrying my daughter as a first time mom, here are some items really made the difference. When you are pregnant comfort and your happiness is EVERYTHING … and food definitely FOOD! Lol

-First things first , if you have horrible morning sickness like me, a cool tip that helped me was taking my prenatal vitamin right before bed every night, if I were to take it in the morning before a meal , LORD HAVE MERCY Would I be puking that vitamin right out. However my prenatals were so amazing and I only had to take ONE a day & they are Vegan. You can purchase these at any Target.


-TUMS SMOOTHIE CHEWABLES: let’s just say ketchup and I didn’t get along and any other tomato based item. Heartburn was brutal , but my baby did have a lot of hair!


The PREGNANCY PILLOW! My mom gifted me with mine and I seriously owe my mom for everything she rescued me in when it came to being pregnant ! The pillow I was gifted was from Motherhood Maternity and it was just SOOOO COMFY


Being pregnant , girl you get THIRSTY. And I don’t mean ratchet thirsty I mean you want to sit and drink cold water all day. I craved it ! Once my dear cousin Heard this she gifted me with the most amazing life saving thing during my pregnancy. THE HYDRO FLASK 32oz . Being pregnant this is an essential. It stays cold with ice , over 2 days , and it is so easy to clean , maintain. AND. you could never lose this thing. They make different handles and toppers. So if you are A straw person, you could totally change out the top. When you have this with you and ready to go , you are more likely to stay hydrated and cooled down especially for you and baby.


The next item that really made me COMFY during pregnancy was the “motherhood maternity” CHONIES. So I thought to myself , gosh I do not want, nor need pregnant lady underwear. Welp. I read so many reviews that I was like I need to try them, this and nothing was comfy anymore.

Oh snap ladies…. I ended up buying two packs. They were soooo relaxing to wear during the last trimester of my pregnancy , when I was so uncomfortable with everything. I have a special love for motherhood maternity after that LOL

NEXT ITEMS, the maternity jeans and stretchy pants. Omg just buy the stuff , don’t thing twice, get out of your prepregnancy clothes. You will thank yourself later! You can order maternity from just about anywhere ! Ross has a maternity section , & Walmart sells maternity online. Target has an amazing maternity section as well as they always have a clearance section of killer maternity stuff! Whatever your budget may be , please spend a little on you because your comfort matters. I mean,  you are growing a LIFE inside of you. Relax and get comfy!

Shoes shoes shoes, Costco came out with these “addidas memory foam slip on “ just in time when I was pregnant. I SCORED. So comfy.. so rad. Looking like I hopped out of the gym but really just rolled out of the car to buy groceries LOL

Diffuser. During my pregnancy I stayed all natural , no Tylenol or any way to comfort colds or sicknesses. I just used any natural product possible. Well life still goes on and I would get stressed. To help relieve my stress I would use “stress away” in my diffuser , as well as “lavender” I’m not even kidding you it helped me sleep so much.

These are just a Few things that made me so comfortable and went a long way when it came to comfort. Growing babies takes a toll on your body. You will go from chill to Imma bout to rip my hair out in seconds when your pregnant.

Comfort and relaxing as much as you can is so important, you deserve it. Because honestly being pregnant is beautiful but you feel like a whale. I felt like free Willy or a turtle on its back during the last days haha

I hope you soon to be mamas have the most amazing pregnancy and that these few items help you out ! And to the mamas TTC , I hope this is YOUR month!!

Thank you for reading !



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