How I treated my baby’s diaper allergies

When my baby was born I had no idea that my baby would have the sensitive skin she has. 

I never had too bad of sensitive skin however my husband has insanely sensitive skin which my daughter got from him. 

With many trials & errors of diaper allergies that led to rashes this is what helped when brands failed me. 

  1. At first I thought, “ change the diaper & wipe brand. I did the process so wrong in the beginning because I was constantly trying to figure  out which product was causing the allergy, so first things first , you have to wait and change one thing at a time.
  2. For me I changed the diapers first. I found the pampers pure the box pampers wrote: “ no Parabens. Plant-based Fibers. 100% Pampers Protection. Consciously Crafted. Premium Cotton. Chlorine-Free Fluff Pulp.”

So I’m like okay let’s see how this goes , my next step would be honest Brand but if I can save some more I will, so I started with this version of pampers. 

Within 2 days my baby was recovering however in acouple days she started flaring up AGAIN with a allergy reaction. I was thinking omg! How is this even happening again. So I figured welp now it’s for sure her WIPES. I went straight for the water wipes brand to test if this was what was causing my daughters rashes. 

I paused my membership on amazon of her “huggies sensitive skin “ oh hold until I seen if there was change in her rashes. 

I’m also using Triple paste to help ease with air time. 

NEXT : 2 DAYS GO BY , everything is beginning to CLEAR. I couldn’t believe it, within 4 days all rash of any kind diminished. So I thought I pray this doesn’t change. 

2 weeks go by …. 6 months go by and I still haven’t had to treat a rash ! 

I’m so so glad to have found products that work for her. 

I love the water wipes brand however it can get expensive , another brand that works JUST as good as the water wipes and that’s the PAMPERS PURE WIPES. same as the diapers. 

It’s the worst feeling ever not being able to help your baby , it takes time , trial and error but once you find your babies recipe to greatness it will never fail you ! 

these products have never failed me , now with my baby almost hitting 2 years old we haven’t had more then 1-2 rashes throughout the year!

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