1. Robe – you just pushed out a baby you need a comfy loose fitting item to relax in. 
  2. Hair ties, let’s just say when shits hitting the fan ain’t nobody want no hair even touching them. Hair ties were a life savors.
  3. Tucks pads- do not forget these ! The hospital will supply some as well and it’s just so soothing after your sweet little baby arrives. Cause let’s be real , your lady parts do not feel good LOL 
  4. Derma blast – I didn’t know about this product until I had my baby and the nurses supplied this for me. It was so nice to have I wish I would’ve put this in my hospital bag to use right away.
  5. Nursing Pads-always good to have that extra support , it sometimes take women acouple days to get their milk in however you will be leaking colostrum in the beginning and it will LITERALLY run down your shirt lol so embarrassing ! 
  6. Nursing bra- I LOVED this because it’s so easy and a lot more comfortable when you need to nurse your baby.
  7. SNACKS- your husband and family are gonna get hungry and it was so nice to already have snacks for my husband when we got to the hospital so he wasnt searching everywhere. I also was STARVING after giving birth. OMG you get so hungry after having a baby. LOL I Was like forget the snacks please go get me FOOOD !! Haha
  8. Phone chargers, soooo a must don’t forget this item!! Everyone and their grandmas gonna be calling once you Facebook post you’re having your sweet baby. 


Medela Nursing Bra Pads :

Sanuk Flip Flops :

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream  :

Auden Chonies :

Comfy pj set : 

Nursing Bra :

Comfy shoes :

Mom Frida washer :

Earth Mama Spray :

Push Socks:

Baby Girl Memory Book :

New born Mittens:

Cute Fluffy Slippers :

Diaper Bag :

Shirt :

Carseat Covers :

Car Mirror :

Swaddle Blankets :

Newborn Hat:

Super CUte Slippers :

These are just a few products that really help and items that are definitely an essential to your hospital bag ! I will be making a full checklist for you mamas to download and mark off ! 

Thank you for reading <3

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