7 Things I wish I knew about POSTPARTUM

The first thought when I thought of postpartum was just feeling so happy because I would be uncomfortable anymore pregnancy wise. But I wasn’t really ready for what lied ahead after birth. I feel like you do all this planning to prepare for birth and then you forget about how to prepare for the months after. 

Here are SEVEN things I really wish I would’ve known before I had my baby and what to expect. 

  1. You aren’t yourself anymore , you’re a Mother and you are now a whole new person reborn just like your baby. This took a while for me to understand , I felt so under the weather , I felt like I wasn’t ever going to emotionally feel myself ever again. I was sad , I was sick , and I wasn’t supplying enough milk for my baby. 
  2. Recovery , I knew I would be uncomfortable for awhile but I wasn’t prepared for the boob pain , the “just pushed out a baby pain” it seemed like I wasn’t healing and my breastfeeding was going so horrible. 
  3. Mastitis , this happened for a whole month, I had a small abscess and the doctors advised to continue breastfeeding to release the clogged duct, as advised I pumped and breastfed my baby, the antibiotics killed the mastitis however I could still feel this lump in my breast, I thought it was nothing , I continued to breastfeed, pump ,  and supplement to help feed my baby. My mastitis came back and my left boob had doubled in size. I was so sick I was pouring in puddles of sweat , I had to change the bed sheets every day. I felt like this infection was killing me. I went back to the doctor for the 4th time to get my abscess looked at , they immediately sent me to the hospital to have surgery. Mind you my mom just left back home to Colorado and my husband was tattooing at the shop. I had no one to help me with the baby so I waited til my husband got off work and he took me to the Er. They wouldn’t let me leave so Gus had to take the baby home while I was there to have surgery the next morning. I felt awful , I had the chills , shivers, I was so sick. I lost 20 lbs from this. After surgery the doctor removed the abscess that had grew over 8CM in my boob. He said the clogged duct never released the entire time. I feel my breast implant could’ve caused this. However I got the huge hole packed and it had to heal from the inside out. After I was able to be released from the hospital I was able to care for my daughter. I discontinued breast feeding. I was blessed to breastfeed her for a month but after the experience I went through I truly don’t see myself doing it again. 
  4. Hormones, let’s just say your literally crying every 10 minutes and you feel like your life is over. It’s the weirdest thing, it’s like I was SOOOO HAPPY AND SOOOOO IN LOVE with my baby but I was also so sad of who I was. It was just odd! My mom told me that it was normal and by 6 weeks I should feel like myself again. My mom was right , by 6 weeks I started feeling so much better! 
  5. Your baby isn’t like anyone else’s baby. You don’t realize it til you have your baby, what works for others may not work for yours. What calms other babies may not calm yours. It’s a trial and error situation but hang in there because your sweet little baby will get it down. You will understand each other and you will get it. Never get discouraged of being a bad mom because your newborn won’t stop crying or because you can’t figure out why. Babies are interesting little people. My daughter had so many crying spells and it took me forever to realize her formula was causing her so much pain. I had to Switch to 4 different brands (while waiting the week period) to find the perfect one. And I must say the perfect one wasn’t the organic expensive one I thought would’ve helped. don’t be fooled by some of these formula companies. 
  6. Nothing fits. Okay so you think , I just had my baby I will fit in everything. Nope, for the majority of us things won’t fit the same, I’m under my prepregnancy weight and there are STILL jeans that don’t fit and that’s because My shape has evolved into my MOM BOD. My hips are wider and so are my thighs. What I learned to do instead of being sad for the time I was. I grabbed a trash bag and I through everything in it that I knew I wasn’t going to fit in and donated it. Honestly you will feel SOOO MUCH better not looking at the stuff you USED to fit in, but you will be excited to get new pants and shirts that  insinuate the NEW AMAZING MOM BOD you have ! 
  7. Last but not least , I wish i would’ve known how much I would miss those days of pregnancy ! I didn’t realize how much I was truly going to miss pregnancy and being pregnant with my baby. I was so impatient to have her that I should’ve took more photos and embraced pregnancy more.   

Thank you for reading ! If you just had your baby , know it gets easier , never be ashamed of postpartum depression or baby blues, never be ashamed to ask for help. Never stop taking care of You because your baby needs You!

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