4 items I didn’t need on my registry 

  1. WIPE WARMER. – honestly this wasn’t a product we used enough to put on a registry ever again. When we travel I thought to myself what am I going to do if I don’t have a wipe warmer and my baby freaks out with a wipe that isn’t warm. 
  2. Bottle Warmer – my baby did 100000 thousand percent fine with room temperature , we didn’t need the bottle warmer we had gotten. 
  3. Infant Pacifer thermometer – gosh this was a bust , when I felt the urge to check my babies temperature she was so fussy she didn’t want to suck on a pacifier that was shaped different then her wubanub , I’m so thankful I had other ways to take her temperature. 
  4. Too many newborn clothes- it’s like I went crazy over size newborn and 3-6 months; she grew out of those the quickest, I really didn’t need that much of those on my registry

I hope these tips help you Mamas that are first time moms! I know in the beginning it seems like your going to need everything but once you have your baby, all you need are the essentials! 

Thank you for reading 

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