It’s normally shunned or distasteful however being a tattooed Mom to me , is the most spectacular thing ever !
I feel it’s okay to look different and you should be able to express yourself in any way possible.

I think your skin shouldn’t reflect the way the world views you.
Of course we get those particular looks in the grocery store or at the doctors office, however I’m going to teach my dear daughter that it’s normal to have tattoos and it’s normal to want to express yourself. She will know the artistic element of self expression and that it’s okay to be herself and to be different ! My husband and I are both artists ourselves and we tattoo the most incredible people,mothers ,grandmothers Fathers , teachers, models , dentists, doctors, therapists, firefighters, policemen , burn victims , breast cancer survivors , survivors all around, heck just about any one that gets a tattoo that we meet have amazing stories to them. Just because you have tattoos doesn’t make you weird and it doesn’t make you a bad mom! YOUSE A COOL MOM! And honestly if you want a tattoo hell you deserve it mamas !
Tattoos aren’t just ink , they go beyond an outer appearance , it’s the value and sentimental reasoning behind them that go farther then just skin.

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