I knew I needed to have a no medicine birth, there was no way I could’ve endured my 13 hour labor as a First Time Mom with out these tips. What you need to know.

1. First things first , I knew my baby had to come out , and I also knew that if I did the best I could she would come out naturally. I was blessed to have the opportunity to have her naturally (she wasn’t breeched)
2. Anxiety , I have anxiety at times and I had to mentally tell myself that I could do this and that I was made for this. I wasn’t going to regret my decision.
3. Knowledge, my dear nurse came in and explained to me everything that was about to go down. She explained to me the feelings I would start to have and she educated me on how NORMAL It is for certain things to be happening. She was a Angel from above and I thank god everyday for blessing me with her as my nurse.
4. Mind over Matter , I went to the hospital at 3cm dilated , hours progressed and I still wasn’t dilating anymore , they started me on induction. Every contraction wasn’t too bad , they slowly got worse when they no longer let me walk around in the hospital room. I was a cucumber trapped on that hospital bed! However it got really intense. AND QUICK! So intense that I literally wanted to EXPLODE. The pain was something I thought wouldn’t be bad, I just focused myself on God and on how I need to get my baby out as healthy as possible. I kept telling myself over and over again that it didn’t hurt, that I was stronger.
5. MY BREAKDOWN, I was waiting for my nurse to return to see how far I’ve progressed, it had been 11+ hours, things were getting too intense, the pain was really hitting me, I was drenched in sweat , felt every hair and nerve on my body trembling for any form of help medicine wise. I was so uncomfortable with the belly monitoring band on. I didn’t want to give up. My husband kept coaching me, my mom was there to help me and kept reminding me that things would be okay. My husband encouraged me of how close I was, he kept my motivation and spirit strong. I felt like I was going to die! My nurse comes back into the room and sees that I’m at a 9 ! She lets me know that ITS TIME !! She runs to get my doctor!
6. PUSHING , oh lord if it could get any worse it did ! Not only do you have to endure the pain of contractions but then you have to push during that pain! Lord was that awful! I kept my eyes closed, I just focused on God I kept praying for him to just please get my baby out of me, I had the fear of “ if I took to long to push the baby out I would cause her distress” I kept telling myself how strong I was how I could do this, how I waited so long to have my baby, how I didn’t want to let my oath to my grandmother down. How I didn’t want to have a birth full of medicine !
7. THE LAST PUSH, as soon as your babies shoulders start to come out an OUT OF BODY adrenaline came over me and the pain was no more, I will never forget the feeling of how it waved on me. The greatest thing ever known. My baby was born all natural no medicine.
8. I feel staying active by walking during my entire pregnancy , drinking at least more then a gallon of water everyday, taking primrose oil at 36 weeks and applying coconut oil , really helped my natural birth but most importantly God got me through it ! Any way you have birth is incredible , it’s not easy, this is just my experience and what I had to do for me and an oath. I really hope you ladies have An amazing birth and know that YOU are made for this!

Thank you for reading !

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