Okay let’s do a quick back story on what evening primose oil is , and what it’s supposed to do :
During the last weeks of pregnancy midwives have used evening primrose oil to help mothers prepare for labor by softening their cervix!

So me being a “pregnant first time mom” , I started reading on labor and delivery and what I could do to PREPARE for my “All natural no medicine birth” I was going to have ! I knew that my birth plan may not go how I want it too, but I wasn’t going to give up! I was determined to endure what lied ahead.

At 36 WEEKS, I went to my local vitamin store and purchased the EVENING PRIMROSE OIL. I began with 2 every night. During my pregnancy I walked ALOT and drank Almost 2 gallons of water everyday! I was always craving cold water.
So My checkup at the doctor within a week of taking the vitamins I was already dilated to a 2 , at week two I was dilated at a 3 ! I knew this was softening my cervix the way it was supposed too and the way I had been researching from other mommies online.
By 38 weeks my water had broken as I was sleeping and I knew it had been time. I labored for around 12 hours and was able to achieve my goal. It was the most out of body experience filled with a pain no one could ever explain HOWEVER , as soon as your blessing comes out all pain is removed and it’s like nothing ever happened ! Until.. you have to heal from pushing that dear baby out ! That’s a whole other story ! LOL

Evening Primrose Oil  https://go.magik.ly/ml/n290/

There are many benefits to evening primrose oil however you must consult with your obgyn or your midwife for the safety of you and your baby BEFORE taking this!! I am not a doctor this is just my experience with this ! I had a pregnancy with no diabetes or high blood pressure
( I’m not sure if it’s okay if those factors play a roll)

Thank you for reading <3

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