12 MONTHS NO TEETH! Here’s some yummy foods your baby can enjoy

Now at 12 months and still ZERO TEETH, here are a list of some FOODS my baby can EAT with no problem !

1. Eggs : Little Artsie started on eggs and she really enjoys them , especially when I add shredded cheese :.)
2. Avocado : make sure it’s a good mooshy texture that I can squish with my index and thumb then I know it’s safe for her strong Gums!
3. Spaghetti : This is a great item to introduce flavor ! Although it’s Carby and not the healthiest , I still feel is a great food for my baby to eat that she Enjoys and practices chewing.
4. Carrots :Carrots cut up and steamed she loves !
5. Broccoli with Mac and Cheese :this is by far one of her favorites and something she has at least twice a week!
6. Broccoli : by it’s self STEAMED !
7. Squash :loves this when it’s baked
8. Potatoes
9. Strawberries
10. Ribs
11. Rotisserie chicken : one of her FAVS
12. Chicken : soft parts only and small portions
13. white rice
14. Puffs / teething crackers : These always freaked me out but we took it slow and it’s great to take on the go and she loves them
15. Bananas : I mostly love to give her bananas for dessert. She LOVES them sooo much!
16. Apples : Small small pieces !
17. Ravioli : one of her all time favs LOL

Overall I try to give my baby just about everything we eat as a family as long as i know it’s something she is safe having and is ready for.

Only YOU know your baby and know when it’s time for certain items. Don’t be afraid! I feel the fear of her choking held me back more when she could’ve been enjoying amazing food !

P.s she had pancakes for the first time this morning and was in a good mood all day…
Was it a coincidence… I think not ! LOL

Please supervise !

Thank you for viewing <3

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