12 Baby items that helped my Baby!!

These items I truly believe are a gift from above !

1. Similac Pro Advance formula , I breast fed for a month and wasn’t producing enough milk , I tried MULTIPLE formula brands (waiting within the weekly period) and every brand I had tried , Enfamil New Born , Enfamil Gentelease, Honest Sensitive , all made my baby constipated , gave her horrible gas and awful spitting up , even when she slept. I knew this couldn’t be right , I knew that it had to be the “corn syrup in the products” so I tried a more expensive brand organic brand and it actually made her constipation WORSE! :.( so after consulting with a dear friend who worked in a pediatrics office, advised to me to try Similac Pro Advance. She said this is all they recommend in their doctors office. Yes , I did consult with my daughters pediatrician and she agreed to switch the formula once more. I waited a week and began the new formula, thinking to myself that this is awful! The first couple days all my baby did was poop! And I couldn’t believe how much she was pooping ! Around 5 times a day ! And then I was reading that it was NORMAL! I couldn’t believe that my baby was finally able to use the restroom and how much she wasn’t able to go before on the other formula! This is definitely my go to and a very COST FRIENDLY FORMULA! We get ours at Costco for $34.99 for the biggest tube.

2. TRIPLE PASTE : I swear by this item. Before I knew my daughter was allergic to wipes this rash cream treated her for various flare ups. Her skin would react so bad to wipes and I thought it was the diapers, just about tried every company til I realized… it has to be the WIPES! However before I realized that , the triple paste would keep her protected from any chemical irritation from other wipes !
3. WATER WIPES : if your baby is constantly getting rashes or experiencing a rash that always turns into a yeast rash , they are allergic to the wipes. Due to experience with my dear daughter , she can only use a water wipe. any other wipe will give her a horrible reaction rash that will bleed, turn into a yeast rash then have to be treated with yeast cream from the doctor, SINCE I’ve been using water wipes she has no longer had A SINGLE RASH ! Not ONE!!!! This is truly remarkable ! I’m so so happy I was able to help her !
4. PLAY YARD – we can take it anywhere and it’s something our baby is able to play & sleep in. Also comes with a changing table. It’s seriously a win – win.
5. PINK NOISE- at 3 months my baby went through a horrible phase of colic. While visiting family my husbands cousin turned on a ocean like noise , she swaddled my little baby and the noise SOOTHED HER! at this point mind you , my baby was having issues with her tummy , she couldnt find comfort, everything alarmed her, this noise was the only thing that truly relaxed her, she still at one years old, sleeps with this noise on.
6. PACIFIER CLIPS- buy 10 packs! Haha just kidding but seriously you need a bundle, these are life savors , I put every thing I know my little one is gonna throw out her stroller and car seat too. I hate having to stop walking with my stroller to pick up a bottle / toy etc that has been thrown for the 8th time, I resolved this problem by using a pacifier clip to tie bottles, sippy cups & chupees too!
7. Swaddle blankets – these items are seriously so amazing for your baby !
8. Rocker ! We have a Momaroo machine and our little one loved it, truly helped , it has setting with the pink noise attached as well! However she grew out of it faster then we hoped !
9. Teething Amber Necklace ! A gift from her Nina this has really changed her mood especially with her at one years old and waiting for her teeth. The natural heat from her skin releases the amber which is a natural remedy for teething pains. Please google this it’s mind blowing !
10. The nose frida and nose bulb! During a horrible experience when our daughter was sick her nose got clogged while she Throwing up the nose Frida I couldn’t reach however the nose bulb that I keep everywhere in the house was that hands reach and I was able to clear her breathing way I will never ever let her nose stay stuffed ! This was so scary !!
11. Wubanub , this is so soothing to our little one , I wish I could find one now for her !
12. Last but not least- MOMMYS BLISS – gripe water ! This relieved my daughter of any discomfort she ever has had with Gas, colic , and constipation ! Please look into this natural remedy !

Thank you for reading ! <3

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