When my baby hit 4 months I figured teeth would be arriving soon, any little milk spec I would think maybe she will get a tooth soon. Months went by no teeth. When she got to 7 months and still had no teeth I was like , “welp gotta hop off the scared train and feed her FOOD !! And the food I eat ! “ 

Now at 12 months this Saturday still ZERO TEETH, here are 8 FOODS my baby can EAT that I eat ! 

  1. EGGS 🍳 Little Artsie started on eggs and she really enjoys them , especially when I add shredded cheese :.) 
  2. AVOCADO 🥑 i make sure it’s a good mooshy texture that I can squish with my index and thumb then I know it’s safe for her strong Gums! 
  3. Spaghetti ! This is a great item to introduce flavor ! Although it’s Carby and not the healthiest , I still feel is a great food for my baby to eat that she Enjoys and practices chewing. 
  4. Carrots ! Carrots cut up and steamed she loves ! 
  5. Broccoli with Mac and Cheese – this is by far one of her favorites and something she has at least twice a week! 
  6. Puffs / teething crackers. These always freaked me out but we took it slow and it’s great to take on the go and she loves them 
  7. Bananas ! I mostly love to give her bananas for dessert. She LOVES them sooo much! 
  8. Ravioli – one of her all time favs LOL 

P.s she had pancakes for the first time this morning and was in a good mood all day…

Was it a coincidence… I think not ! LOL 




  • Tori says:

    My baby’s 7 months and only eating pureed foods, I’m afraid to give him pastas or anything with no teeth because I feel like he’ll choke? Do you purée her pastas? How did you go about feeding her your normal foods? Thanks in advance!

    • Gyps says:

      Hi Tori ! Yes i pureed in the beginning however i always over cook them just a smidge if i ALWAYS do the ” if i can squish it with my index and thumb” its safe for baby , I’ve learned little at a time however your baby will get it down so fast! its so scary at times ! i started probably slower then other moms but now that i have understanding of the certain food that i know she can smoosh really well i let her experiment with practicing ! hang in there ! you are doing great and only You know whats best for your baby! <3 <3 <3

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