These are items that work for our little one , I hope they can be a help to you & yours. 😀

 Water Wipes-  the only wipe my baby isn’t allergic too. It’s extremely  gentle on her  overly sensitive skin. Other wipes we have tried , she would have a horrible reaction too that would take weeks on end to recover from . Thus we are strictly water wipes and it works so good for our little one. I always bring extra wipes because did you know you can use it for everything? LOL  

Munchkin formula dispenser ! If your baby is on formula then this product is for YOUUUUU! it  will help you tremendously especially when your baby is about to lose its shit waiting for you to scoop each scoop out of that big container! not with this my friends, it easily has three feeding dispensers that you can prepare before feeding. Whenever your on the go you just pour the measured formula into your baby’s bottle and go! TA DAA make life EASY

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper baggies ! I love these because if an outfit gets messy it doesn’t dirty anything else in my diaper bag , as well as keeping my baby’s dirty diaper in bags while changing on the go if you aren’t near a trash can out in public, but lets be real if you’re a guest at someones home you don’t want to stinky up the trash for everyone to smell.  you will thank yourself later on this purchase !

Baby Bum Brush! This was a gift to me from a family member and it helps so much when I don’t want to get my hands sticky with diaper paste , and if we are out in public its always a clean application! #SANITARYMCGEES 

Swaddle blankets , These come in handy at all times! My baby loves her blankets so much. I normally keep an extra one in the car because knowing Artsie , things  get messy or if she has any spills etc.  

Triple paste ! Best rash cream ever ! A small application will clear any redness quickly for your little one! this cream is heaven sent!  Artsie has currently outgrown diaper rashes ” thus me to figuring out what works best on her skin etc however if she ever got a flare this did wonders , especially driving in traffic. (DISCLAIMER: this is rash cream it will not treat yeast rashes  ) that’s a whole other becky that needs other cream.

Tylenol & a NOSE BULB – JUST IN CASE  yep just buy extra ONLY and STRICTLY for the diaper bag , you never know when snot is just gonna choke up your little one and you have to get jackie chan that nostril with the bulb. Tylenol is a life savor just because anything can happen.

P.s. Every baby is different and Every parent is as well, find the items and products that work best for your baby, some items that work well for yours may not for others and that’s totally okay. The list above are items that have worked wonders for us.

p.s.s Don’t forget the emergency outfits , hand sanitizer , snacks and bibs LOL but that’s standard protocol LOL our favorite bibs ( that are soft and withstand alot ) are the Aden and Anais – Bibs 

Thank you for reading ! <3

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