Life doesn’t stop when you have a baby , and it gets a bit crazier when you begin to travel and go places with your mini ! These are the few hacks & tips that help me as a frequent flyer and traveler that YOU NEED traveling with a baby 👶🏼
  1. ORGANIZATION : this is the most important thing you need to be when traveling with a baby, if your like me , MOM brain has sunken in and it’s like I forget everything nowadays, however when it comes to traveling all my baby’s items are in particular places at ALLL TIMES ! If your traveling on an airplane make sure to have all your bottles capped and filled with water. You won’t have to repurchase water for the bottles if you already have all your bottles ready, keep them in a bottle cooler bag. This will make it super easy in the line to take all your stuff out.
  2. FORMULA ALREADY DISPENSED: measure out all the servings of formula you will need for the day of travel. This makes making a bottle so easy on the go! You can purchase dispensers at any local target , Walmart , or you can use snack size baggies (however the baggies are bit messier )
  3. Hand sanitizer ! Heck pack 2 of those bad boys.
  4. EXTRA FITS: you can never carry to many outfits ever. You never know when that explosion will pop up at a mom ! Always carry sleeper clothes as well. OUTFIT BAGGIES, prepare 3 different back up out fits in ziplock baggies of a onesie, pants , socks and a bib , you will thank yourself later !
  5. COVER BAGS FOR YOUR CARSEAT AND STROLLER. Oh em gee Becky I’m not even kidding you when I say you need this, when I first began traveling I didn’t realize how important this is until I hopped off that airplane and my babies car seat was soaked in rain and the visor was broken (and my gps tracker wouldn’t show where I could find a replacement). You can purchase travel cover bags on amazon and at target, SOME airlines will provide a clear baggies however it’s very rare! This is so important.
  6. Minimal, you can always buy more baby food and more diapers. Get enough to make it through the days of travel then repurchase. This has made it easy for me because I can estimate how much my baby will need and how much I can buy at the local market.
  7. Thermometer & Tylenol. At all times.
  8. Always keep a spare pacifier in your bag. Always

I hope these little tips will help you Mamas out <3

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