when I was pregnant I thought I knew what I needed. WRONG. After a year of trial and error , I finally have it down to a science. DIAPER PRODUCTS EVERY MOM NEEDS.
  1. Diapers. Obviously , but not just any kind. How is your babies skin? My Little one has the most sensitive skin every diaper I tried just made her break out ! The 2 diapers that I have never had a problem with are •the honest company • and the •Pampers Pure Protection• these are amazing ! When looking for the pampers pay very close attention to the boxes because there are soooo many different pamper diaper editions. Any other pamper diaper my baby will get allergic too! Also , target ALWAYS has the cartwheel offers for the diapers to save some extra cash!
  2. WIPES. It sounds so basic and simple, but it isn’t , each brand and each wipe has different chemicals used to make them. Even the “sensitive skin” editions. I thought buying my baby the sensitive brand would help with this constant allergy rash. Nope! So I thought , one week I will change the diaper brand. And the next I will change the wipe, I decided to go with the most natural of them all. The WATER WIPE. This is a more expensive wipe , however , the outcome : my baby hasn’t had a rash in over 3 months ! She would get a rash from the sensitive wipe then it would turn into a nightmare of a yeast rash that any form of rash cream couldn’t cure. The pampers water wipe works just as amazing as the water wipes brand as well. I use either one only!
  3. Diaper Rash Cream : butt gold in a tube ! I’ve used destin , butt paste , auqaphor, coconut oil , and triple paste. However for my baby , with the horrendous sensitive skin. The TRIPLE PASTE HAS NEVER FAILED !! This is the only cream that has become a life changing product whenever a small flare up wants to occur. However, I did use all the other products listed before resulting to the triple paste. If you are using a rash cream and the rash hasn’t went away within 2-3 days , it is most likely a yeast rash. You will need a yeast cream prescribed from your pediatrician! Do not wait on this, it will only get worse for you little one.
  4. Baby Bum Brush , okay this may seem a little extra , but I’m not even kidding you when I say this is a life saver when traveling and going to public restrooms. You use this amazing little spatula to apply rash cream.

Every baby is different however these are the products i feel never fail ! thank you for reading <3


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