my baby hasn’t had any teeth pop through whatsoever , and at 7 months I knew she needed to start eating food, and I mean the food I’m eating.. being a first time mom I knew I had to figure out what I could give her without panicking she would choke or not being to chew , however these items she can eat and eat well with no worries 🙂

  1. PUFFS- she loves these, i was hesitant at first but I’m glad I tried them, she currently loves Chedder Puffs and Breakfast buffs.
  2. EGGS- my baby loves eggs , they are really easy for her to moosh around
  3. Mashed Potatoes – these are really easy for her !
  4. Avocado – she’s not really a fan
  5. Strawberries- she loves strawberries! Make sure to only give your little one the soft part or steam it entirely !
  6. Ravioli – she loves loves loves ravioli !
  7. Bananas – my baby loves bananas , I moosh it up for her and she goes to town
  8. Broccoli Mac N Cheese – One of her favs!
  9. Any purres
  10. Teething chew bars! Surprisingly she does great with these, we are always traveling and these are good for on the go! As well as any purred pouches !
  11. Rice – she loves rice and eggs !

There more items my baby loves however I have to fully cook and make sure it is mash able, I’ve learned that if I can mash the food with my thumb and index finger with no problem she will be fine, babies are smart, they have a natural gag flex ! I hope this helps some of you mamas with babies that still have no teeth !!

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